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Kids’ Toys – Cars, Science, Building, Soldiers | eBay

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Rain or shine, toys transform any day from monotonous to memorable. No matter what hobbies and interests your little ones have, stocking up on a variety of kids’ toys helps beat boredom and encourages their imaginations. Sellers on eBay have a vast selection of toys to offer, from iconic action figures to remote control cars and educational science kits.

Treat your children to toys modeled after their favorite film and television characters, such as Spider-Man, Elsa, and Mickey Mouse. Choose from a selection of soft beanbag plush toys for cuddle time, or grab soldier action figures that kids can play with in a fort. Robots and space toys are the perfect pairing for youngsters with an appreciation of outer space, while educational toys like letter tiles, learning tablets, and instruments help children study and grow. For kids that love building and creating, LEGO sets, blocks, and Tinkertoy kits are great gifts all year round. Whether for a holiday, birthday, or just because, classic toys such as a Slinky, Yo-Yo, and an Etch A Sketch make wonderful toy treasures that kids can keep forever.

When warm weather arrives, water toys like Slip ‘N Slides and inflatable swimming rings make outside time even more entertaining. Choose outdoor toys like Frisbees, kites, pedal cars, ride-ons, and swing sets for nonstop fun in the sun, or select a variety of crafts and games for amusing kids indoors, such as puzzles, sticker sets, craft books, and sand art kits. Give the gift of creativity with models and kits to help kids build their own boats, planes, cars, and more. Sellers on eBay also offer a variety of dolls, trading cards, and antique toys for little ones who love adding to their collections. There are toys for babies as well, including crib toys, blocks, developmental toys, and plush baby toys perfect for naptime. When you browse the large selection of items on eBay, finding just the right kids’ toys for your youngsters is easy to do.

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Science shows gender neutral toys empower children, and possibly society at large – Quartz

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The days of pink and blue toy aisles may soon be a thing of the past, as toy manufacturers[1] and big-box retailers[2] move to eliminate gendered toy marketing.

While gender equality advocates hail these advances (myself included) as positive, others are less than enthusiastic—and downright misinformed.

Most recently, news[3] that Target is ditching gender-based toy labels—including in-store signage and colored backdrops on shelves—has sparked the ire of some conservatives, who contend that gender-neutral shopping experiences are an affront to “traditional” values.

Case in point: Franklin Graham (son of well-known evangelist Billy Graham) authored a viral Facebook post[4] in Aug. 2015 denouncing Target, because God would have wanted gender binaries to stay intact: “I have news for them and for everyone else—God created two different genders,” Graham writes. “If you agree, share in the comments below—and let Target know … that you are perfectly willing to shop where the genders God created are appreciated.” And share people did. The post, touting an #OffTarget hashtag, has been shared nearly 50,000 and racked up more than 109,000 likes.

 Integrated toy aisles won’t result in widespread upheaval and gender confusion among children. But despite Graham’s and his sympathizers’ beliefs, integrated toy aisles won’t result in widespread upheaval and gender confusion among children. As developmental psychologist Christia Brown recently told[5] New York Magazine, such a claim simply “doesn’t hold up to the science … We know kids know their gender really early—they know it by about two years old.”

Science: 1. Haters: 0.

Science has also taught us about the detrimental effects that gendered toys can have on young, impressionable children. As Dr. Elizabeth Sweet[6], a sociologist and lecturer at the University of California, Davis, whose research[7] focuses on gender and toys, explained to Quartz, “Studies have found that gendered toys do shape children’s play preferences and styles. Because gendered toys limit the range of skills and attributes that both boys and girls can explore through play, they may prevent children from developing their full range of interests, preferences, and talents.”

These effects shouldn’t be under-emphasized. According to Let Toys Be Toys[8], a UK-based campaign focused on eliminating the gendered labeling and marketing of toys, “the stereotypes we see in toy marketing connect with the inequalities[9] we see in adult life. By late primary age, research … shows that children already have very clear ideas about the jobs that are suitable for boys and girls; ideas that are very hard to shake later on.”

In other words, a stroll down the toy aisle can end up teaching young girls that glamour and beauty, cooking and baby care are their ultimate goals, while boys might leave the toy store believing they should be rough, rowdy, and only interested in action-oriented activities. The result? Reinforced gender stereotypes that buttress outdated notions of masculinity and femininity, which, for mainstream outliers, can carry harmful consequences[10].

Conversely, de-gendering toys will allow children, and arguably society at large, to reap long-term benefits: when we offer kids equal choices from an early age, it logically follows that they will continue to expect and demand equality in their personal, social and professional lives.

 Conversely, de-gendering toys will allow children, and arguably society at large, to reap long-term benefits. This is precisely why my husband and I make a point to offer our three-year-old daughter a wide variety of toys. That’s not to say we preclude her from playing with traditionally “girly” toys (we even indulge her princess obsession, to my horror), but we want her to explore any and all interests, including ones that Franklin Graham would characterize as masculine.

Drop by our house at any given time and you’re likely to find her playing with trucks while dressed as Queen Elsa. And when our son is old enough to engage in parallel, associative and cooperative play, I will similarly support him no matter what toys catch his fancy. After all, play should encourage, not thwart, development. Nor should it ever be used to shame a child who wants to pursue non-binary interests.

Those concerned that removing gender labels from toys will “cause the collapse of the gender order,” as Sweet put it, are whipping themselves into a frenzy for nothing. De-gendering toys simply allows children to “be free to explore their diverse interests beyond the narrow confines of gender stereotypes. Taking down a sign that says ‘Girls’ Building Sets’ doesn’t prevent a girl from selecting that toy, it simply means that a boy could also choose it.

Besides, we still have a long way to go. In fact, according to Sweet’s research, toys are more gendered now than they’ve ever been before. “The use of signage and color-coding to gender segregate toy aisles is a relatively new phenomenon that has only become popular in the past several decades,” she said. And the social media backlash that followed Target’s announcement demonstrates just how deeply entrenched sexism is.

Still, there’s reason to remain optimistic. Elsewhere, campaigns like Britain’s “Let Toys Be Toys” have been very successful; to date, 14 retailers[11] have committed to end gendered toy marketing. And if major US retailers like Target are willing to embrace a cultural shift, it’s likely that eventually more stores and manufacturers will follow suit.

As a mom and die-hard believer in gender equality, I’m hopeful. I never want my children to feel pressured, whether subliminally or overtly, to pursue interests based on their perceived gender identity, and I know I’m not alone. While having completely genderless toys is likely impossible, there is a middle ground, which stores like Target are increasingly embracing. Children should not be forced to comply with their parents’ socially-constructed ideas of binary gender roles. To each his or her own!

Follow Maureen on Twitter at @maureenshaw[12]. We welcome your comments at ideas@qz.com[13].


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Science Toys

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Make toys at home with common household materials, often in only a few minutes, that demonstrate fascinating scientific principles.

For expert advice in PCB manufacturing[1] get in touch with San Francisco Circuits for a free quote.

Electrominoes![2] Deluxe 3.5″ circular die-cut playing cards and booklet of games, activities, and information for ages 5 up through college level and beyond!

Test your science skills online with High School Diploma[3] – a great science and high school education website with free resources.

Making science toys with your kids is a great way to start stimulating the brain. With a strong base in science your kids can one day earn a technology degree[4].

Send mail to Simon Quellen Field via simon@scitoys.com *
Bibliographic Information
Renewable Energy
Solar Power


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Science! Toys! Magic! – Rocky Mountain Collegian

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 toys Matt Hannifin's tiny toy shop in the old town are unsual of what one would find in a typical toy. many of them have a unique science behind their desgin that makes them seem seem quite magical. toys Matt Hannifin’s tiny toy shop in the Old Town differences from what one would find in a typical toy. Many of them have a unique science behind their design makes them seem quite magical.

at a law firm in Old Town Square hidden, you will find class = “focus”> one of the craziest, most-scatterbrained, giggliest and most bizarre Toy owners in his little toy, Science Toy Magic.

After running the store in Santa Fe, New Mexico for seven years Hannifin decided to move to Fort Collins.

” Sorry, this hit the pants off of Boulder, “said Hannifin on the choice of location. “Boulder was not even close.”

The shop is so small, most customers spilling out of it while driving Hannifin pulls something tops, spinning globes, self-balancing electric unicycle or boomerangs for the blind, all while explaining the science of it all at a mile a minute.

“I did not even know it was there. It’s so small,” said Melissa Brown, a human development and family studies sophomore at CSU.

For some, the store is a mystery not yet discovered, but for others, it’s the end of a journey.

“You’re a FoCo destination,” Amy Comi, a visitor from California, told Hannifin. “You’re the guy toy.”

“Did she tell you? It’ll be weird,” Hannifin responds to Comi.

His peculiarity most amusing, in a way that makes them feel comfortable and invited into his magical world.

“Is it okay if I shoot you with a harmless blast of air with a bazooka?” Hannifin requires a client with Airzooka in hand, demonstrating the Bernoulli principle of fast moving air and the pressure. class = “focus”>

“I think they could come here all day and watch as she could, “said Monica Lambert, how’s mother.

” He’s funny said, “What, who wants to be a scientist when she grows up.” And he shows us how to do everything. “

Hannifin, who has no children of his own, said he “tortures other people instead,” although no one who is going to want to leave at short notice.

One of the popular demonstrations, the copper tube where Hannifin instructs visitors to the store to remove due to magnetic forces.

While the rest of the spectators looking for a reaction, the willing participant drops a small marble in the center of the copper tube -., and then the magic happens

“That’s really happening,” Hannifin said the volunteer. “That’s not your imagination.”

Those brave enough to enter his store will showcase toys to find principles of science and magic.

“The toy is also nerd-tested for durability,” said Hannifin. “And the best of its kind.”

“Made in China” is not a label can be found in Science Toy Magic. merchant has a high priority for American-made toys, nine times as many non-Chinese toys in comparison to other stores.

Hannifin, who speaks Mandarin fluently, has traveled to international treaties for many toys, including the China Toy & Game Fair. According Hannifin, China American inventions stolen as an act of aggression.

At these conventions, he believes it is important to be diplomatic.

Although zany and easily sidetracked, Hannifin is engaging and inviting to all he encounters.


He casts a spell of tolerance through his closet-sized toy, living out his motto “Never judge people how they look.”

span class = “focus”> Collegian Features Beat Reporter Hannah Hemperly can be reached at news@collegian.com.

class=”focus”> An American raised in Asia, Hannah loves her vegetables and quirky commentary She is a second year. journalism and human development and family studies major at CSU. Along with writing the functions Beat for the Collegian, Hannah spends her Saturday 5-7 pm Co-hosting ‘Hannah & Star Make the News “on KCSU 90.5 FM. Tweet at her @ kawanhannah

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