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Bent – Gay adult shop – Sex Toys – underwear and more at …

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With a massive collection of underwear[1], jockstraps[2], swimwear, shorts, leather, fetish and active wear we aim to offer you all the gear to make you feel and look good.

In the Bent Shop you will also find one of the biggest and most varied collections of male and gay sex toys[3]. We have anal toys, cock toys, anal lube[4], erection pills[5], stimulants, BDSM and much more adult gear. We ship worldwide.

With over 15 years of experience, we have been able to secure you the biggest brands at the best prices.

Have a look through our 1000’s of products and we are hopeful you will find something for you.

Need Help? Just call us or email us at orders@bentshop.com[6]

We are here to answer any questions or take your order on weekdays between 10.00 and 16.00.


Team Bent

Be who you are!


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Yo Gabba Gabba, Calliou Toys & More | Tv’s Toy Box

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What’s Inside TV’s Toy Box?

Here at TV’s, we delight kids with complete lines of hard-to-find character toys and party supplies, and top ‘em off by personalizing hundreds of apparel and décor items! When shopping for birthdays and special occasions, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends will find the perfect fun and friendly gifts kids love – inside TV’s Toy Box!

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Kids.Woot: Toys, baby gear, kids apparel, & more

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Let ‘em get it out of their systems early. Freedom and speed. The first time your child takes their tricycle down a hill, they know it. Like peanut butter and chocolate, they’re two things that are made for each other. And once you have a little, you’re always going to want more. But isn’t that what our nation is about? Isn’t that what it means to be an AMERICAN?? Easy Rider wasn’t just the Hollywood-sponsored voice of a generation, it was a statement: we’re young, we’re free, and we’re in a hurry! So buy your kid one of these Lil’ Rider Motorcycle Ride-ons. Let ‘em zip across the patio and down the driveway at a crushing 2 miles per hour. Let ‘em learn balance, and style, and how to properly handle a rival biker looking to start a turf war. Because if they don’t learn now, how will they be ready for the post-collapse Thunderdome fights? C’mon, you’ve seen the stock market, you know it’s coming. And in that world, you can either ride a motorcycle or spend all day watching the overlord’s pet monkey. continue reading[1] References^ continue reading (kids.woot.com)

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Sun City toy shop grows to make more children happy – YourWestValley.com

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One day, two friends at Royal Oaks in Sun City got together to make a toy that would bring a smile to a child’s face.

Since then, Fred Delay’s and Sam Borah’s idea has grown to where a group of eight men work on the wooden toys with a goal of making 300 toys to give to shelters for children.

Delay said they all learned to make the wooden toys at Royal Oaks Retirement Community.

“I never did woodworking before. We’ve all learned a lot,” said Delay.

The wooden toys are all made from scratch and resemble vintage toys that children first started playing with.

“I remember as a kid we made little toys and loved to play with them,” said Borah.

The men make all of their toys out of wood and stain or paint them with toxic-free ingredients such as soy sauce and vegetable oil. Among their work are rolling grasshoppers, trucks and cradles. Delay said they test the wooden toys with some of Royal Oaks residents’ grandchildren to see which ones are more of a hit.

All toys are available for donations, which the group uses to buy more supplies to make more toys.

For information on how to obtain a wooden toy or how to donate, call Royal Oaks at 623-933-2807.

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17 places to shop for kid’s toys, books, Balloons, and More – Racked NY

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The Children’s General Store, Photo by Red Tricycle [1]

Last month we gave you a whole bunch [2] of places to shop for children in the city. But as anyone who has a child or know someone who has one, or even know what kids are-already realizes she needs more than just play friendly clothing. They actually need stuff to play , and sometimes a place to play out of their bedrooms.

So this time, we have arrested 17 stores that serve children beyond fashion. We have included a wide range here, from toy stores to child-centric bookstores and furniture . There’s even a few party-ready venues on this list. Look at our map after the jump and never a present for your niece / nephew / neighbor / order again godchild online.

To view the map >> [3 ]


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