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FANTASTIC KIDS TOYS – Fantastic Kids Toys

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PHONE ORDERS WELCOME @ (212) 452-1048[1]!

We carry hundreds of lines of the GREATEST AND CRAZIEST TOYS! We don’t consider ourselves just any toy store! We are always
looking for the newest, funkiest, craziest, and most importantly FANTASTIC toys! 

We set ourselves apart from everyone else with our FANTASTIC Customer Service, Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff, FREE Gift Wrapping, FREE Local Delivery and Custom Party Favors!

We enjoy being a part of the community and enjoying working in conjuntion with local community groups, schools and local businesses to find ways to give back! So if you’d like US to host your next fundraiser please stop in and ask for details!


  1. ^ (212) 452-1048 (www.fantastickidstoys.com)

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