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Toys & Hobbies – Toy Store & Hobby Shop Online | eBay

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Toys and Hobbies

Dream Big with Toys and Hobbies for All Ages

Let your imagination run free with our vast selection of new and vintage toys[1]. Featuring toys from all eras and made by the world’s most beloved toy manufacturers, you’re sure to find the perfect toys for kids—and children of every age.

Our collection even includes hard-to-find collectible toys. eBay makes it easy to relive your childhood with classic toys that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Take Your Imagination to New Heights

We offer many products that blend creativity and education, including costumes[2], radio controlled vehicles[3] and much more. You can even take a trip down memory lane with retro toys like Etch A Sketch[4] and Lite-Brite[5]. Or play on the cutting edge with quadcopters and multicopters.

Explore Your Favorite Brands and Characters

From the hottest new toys on the market to Lincoln Logs and toy soldiers, if there’s a toy that your kids “have to have,” you can probably find it on eBay. You can search by top brands like Fisher-Price[6], LEGO[7] and Play-Doh[8], or look for favorite characters like Batman[9], Thomas the Tank Engine[10], the characters from Frozen or Monster High, and many more.

Get Inspired to Try New Hobbies

Looking to give your child an educational toy[11]? Or how about a toy that promotes personal growth and creativity? Our comprehensive selection enables you to find toys that align with your child’s interests and personality. Toy models[12], trading card games[13] and role playing games[14] are just a few examples that could lead to a new hobby for the child in your life. We also have a wide selection of hobby items for adults, including war games[15], automotive model kits[16] and much more.

The Fun of Fidget Spinners

Simple, affordable, and addictive, fidget spinners[17] were originally conceived to soothe stressed out kids. As it turns out, they are also a fun way to pass the time for all children, and also work as tension breakers for grown-ups. Easy to use, handheld, and lightweight, the three-spoked spinners come in many colors and designs and give restless kids and anxious adults something to do with their hands. Created for all demographics, spinners make fun, inexpensive party favors, stocking stuffers, grab bag treats, or giveaways, and they’re the perfect size to keep in a bag or your car for long road trips!

Purchase tech toys to encourage children to embrace technology, or learning and educational toys to help aid in your child’s development. And birthday gifts such as a red wagon or NERF blaster can encourage your child to spend more time outdoors. Our experts have prepared in-depth buying guides to help you find the perfect toy for any child.


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Kids’ Toys – Cars, Science, Building, Soldiers | eBay

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Rain or shine, toys transform any day from monotonous to memorable. No matter what hobbies and interests your little ones have, stocking up on a variety of kids’ toys helps beat boredom and encourages their imaginations. Sellers on eBay have a vast selection of toys to offer, from iconic action figures to remote control cars and educational science kits.

Treat your children to toys modeled after their favorite film and television characters, such as Spider-Man, Elsa, and Mickey Mouse. Choose from a selection of soft beanbag plush toys for cuddle time, or grab soldier action figures that kids can play with in a fort. Robots and space toys are the perfect pairing for youngsters with an appreciation of outer space, while educational toys like letter tiles, learning tablets, and instruments help children study and grow. For kids that love building and creating, LEGO sets, blocks, and Tinkertoy kits are great gifts all year round. Whether for a holiday, birthday, or just because, classic toys such as a Slinky, Yo-Yo, and an Etch A Sketch make wonderful toy treasures that kids can keep forever.

When warm weather arrives, water toys like Slip ‘N Slides and inflatable swimming rings make outside time even more entertaining. Choose outdoor toys like Frisbees, kites, pedal cars, ride-ons, and swing sets for nonstop fun in the sun, or select a variety of crafts and games for amusing kids indoors, such as puzzles, sticker sets, craft books, and sand art kits. Give the gift of creativity with models and kits to help kids build their own boats, planes, cars, and more. Sellers on eBay also offer a variety of dolls, trading cards, and antique toys for little ones who love adding to their collections. There are toys for babies as well, including crib toys, blocks, developmental toys, and plush baby toys perfect for naptime. When you browse the large selection of items on eBay, finding just the right kids’ toys for your youngsters is easy to do.

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eBay – Toys & Hobbies

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New and Classic Toys

When kids play with toys, they develop their dexterity, thinking, and social skills. Toys bring out the imagination in kids and help them develop. For adults, almost everyone can remember their favorite stuffed animal or their favorite toy from childhood. Some oldies but goodies are Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, and Lincoln Logs. No matter whether you are looking for a new toy that is sold out in stores or you are searching for that favorite toy from way back when, eBay probably has just what you are looking for.

Search eBay for classic toys, vintage toys, and antique toys that are hard to find. Browse and buy collectibles like trading cards, action figures, dolls, and bears. Or tap into your imagination with games, stuffed animals, toy soldiers, crafts, and marbles. And play all day with puzzles, toy vehicles, wind-up toys, model kits, model trains, radio control cars, slot cars, and baby toys. Everyone has their favorite.

Quality toys come from great companies like Hasbro, Lego, Fisher-Price, Barbie, Playskool, MATTEL, Monopoly, and Hot Wheels. Or go online and find your old friends like Barbie, Batman, Disney Princess, GI Joe, Spider-Man, and Transformers. You will be glad you did. On eBay you can search toys by brand, gender, character, age level, condition, price and more.

Remember the basics when choosing toys for kids: Think about the age of the child, their gender, their personality, and their current interests and skills. eBay is well-known for helping people locate those hard to find items – like that toy you used to love to play with. Take your time and find the perfect match for the kid you know or for the kid inside of you.

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