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Marvel Shop | Official Site for Marvel Toys, Clothing & Merchandise

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Green Business Ideas: consignment shop for children’s clothing and toys – Ecopreneurist

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children boots Families with more than one child soon realize that not only keeping their children in clothing that fits them a permanent job, but also that new kids clothes can be quite costly, considering how short a time they actually wear each one. A much more affordable and sustainable option is shopping at second-hand, second-hand and consignment shops, selling a variety of goods that still offer plenty of life left in them.

If you enjoy families and have a good eye for building displays, along with a knack for knowing what kinds of children [1] and toys will sell, then the rise in popularity of consignment shops and thrift stores can be is showing that the opening of a your the right green business idea for you to be.

1. What is a children’s clothing and toy consignment shop?

Consignment shops take gently used goods from some customers and sell them to others. The proceeds from the sale will be divided between the store and the customer who originally owned the product. In this way, consignment shops give another life to children’s clothing and toys that could go to a landfill. One of the attractive aspects of running a consignment store is that your entire inventory costs you nothing. You do not pay until it was sold … in other words, until you have money in your hand for exactly that point. Owns the product You are simply providing the market for buyers and sellers of gently used items, such as children’s clothing and toys.

Consignment, resale and thrift shops number in the 25,000 range in the U.S. alone. The combined industry value is approximately $ 1.5 billion, and the industry represents a real opportunity for shoestring startup entrepreneurs who have a passion about a particular hobby or lifestyle such as fashion, games, sports, etc.


case of children’s clothing and toys, children tend to outgrow their items quickly, and with grandparents and parents remain friends with toys and clothes, showering, most parents will just dump piles on piles of good quality, gently used clothing and toys for the door. And these parents are just as happy to have these items and save piles of money on items their children will … soon outgrow itself.

2. What required knowledge or skills are needed?

p There are no formal education or training requirements for this job.

3. How much money is needed to start

$ – $ $ (on a scale of $ to $ $ $ $ $) rent a space that is not only visible to potential customers consignment shop, but also the flexibility to function as a warehouse, display counter and dressing room for the customers, will be the biggest expense. After that, the provision of shelves and hanging racks for clothes will help to give an attractive way, the children’s clothing and toys again and will help keep. Things tidy A basic computer setup can handle the filing system and serve as the cash register, and a tablet PC or smartphone can be set up to handle credit and debit card payments through PayPal, square, or other mobile payment solutions.

4. What is the potential income

$ $ – $ $ $ (on a scale of $ to $ $ $ $ $) At its most basic level, a consignment shop may simply take and sell children’s clothing and toys for others , taking a percentage of each sale, but without bringing to sell their wares in a large network of people who have a limited income potential. If you go to the garage and estate sales, or other thrift stores if they sell out, and buy the goods there is a substantial discount for resale in your store, the income potential could be much higher.

5. What is the best location for a children’s clothing and toy store? Mission

Urban (fair), semi-urban (very good), suburban (best), rural (good).

6. Best three questions to ask yourself to see if this company is for you (if you answer yes to all three, this business for you):

  • you live live in a place where there many children (ie, suburban Utah might be a better place to start than New York City are the company)?
  • If you have a good eye for children’s toys and clothes that would separate the junk from the gem? Do you and your friends / family have a stock of children’s clothing and toys that can serve as your initial inventory for the big opening?

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[6] lives in southwestern New Mexico and digs bicycles, simple living, organic gardening, sustainable lifestyle design, slacklining, bouldering and permaculture . He loves good food, with fresh roasted chiles at the top of his list of favorites. Catch up with Derek at Twitter [7] , Rebel Mouse [8] , Google+ [9] , or natural parenting website , Natural Dad [10]


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