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As the #1 trusted educational brand on television, PBS KIDS brings you programs that nurture the minds and spirits of children, while encouraging them to have fun exploring the world around them. 100% of the net proceeds PBS KIDS receives from your purchase helps us to encourage all children to discover and learn. From books and DVDs to toys and party supplies, playtime has never been more educational and fun. Are you looking for other PBS products?  Visit Shop [1]


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Kids’ Toys | Kids | Hudson’s Bay

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$ 29.99


‘); //tfc.calculate(); [1]


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70+ Homemade Toys to Make for Kids – Happy Hooligans

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If you make homemade gifts for your kids, grandkids, daycare kids or students at Christmas, you will love this collection of 70+ terrific homemade toys that you can make and give.

I’m sharing them early so you’ll have lots of time to plan and get busy with your crafting!

With the holidays not too far off, I’ve been busy, gathering lots of homemade gift ideas.

Recently, I rounded up dozens of homemade gifts that kids can make for grown ups, [1] and that post was so popular, I thought I’d share sharing a collection of  homemade gifts that grown-ups can make for kids.

I got a little carried away because, holy cow, there are a TON of homemade toy ideas floating around on the internet. Toys for babies, toddler toys, toys for preschool boys and girls. Toys made from old furniture or from items in your recycle bin, toys made from stuff you already have around the house, and toys made from inexpensive thrift shop finds.

All in all, I’ve found over 70 homemade kids’ toys that you can totally make at home. Whether you’re looking for a toy you can sew, craft or build for the child in your life, you’re sure to find inspiration in this collection. Enjoy!

70+ Homemade Toys to Make for Kids

70+ Homemade Toys to Make for Kids

All of these toys are fairly easy and inexpensive to make.  Some are knock-offs of brand name toys, and some of these toy ideas are truly original.  One thing is certain – they’re all perfect if you like to give kids handmade gifts at Christmas, birthdays or any day!

homemade lacing activities to make for kidsjpg

 Homemade Lacing Toys:

These simple lacing frames[2] are easy to make and great for helping little ones develop their fine motor skills.  – Babble Dabble Do

Shaped foam lacers[3] are easy for little hands to grip and a fun way to practice threading skills.  – Powerful Mothering

I adore this all-natural, stick threading game[4] by Mini Eco.

homemade felt toys to make for toddlers

Homemade Felt Toys for Toddlers:

Here’s a soft and colourful way for toddlers to explore the alphabet: stuffed, hand-sewn felt letters[5] by Buggy and Buddy.

Make a no-sew, alphabet pocket chart[6] to help little ones learn their letters. – Lalymom

I see countless hours of creating and re-creating here with this gorgeous potato head felt set.[7] – jocelynandjasonblogspot

Sensory boards to make for the toddlers

DIY Activity boards for the playroom or classroom:

Babies and toddlers will LOVE exploring all the textures and gadgets on these awesome sensory boards[8] by Fun at Home with Kids.

Make a latch board like Domesticesq[9] did with random bits and bobs from the work shop or hardware store.

My boys would’ve LOVED a life-sized dashboard[10]  like this one made from used parts. – And Next Comes L

easy dollhouses to make for kids

Upcycled Homemade Dollhouses:

Got cardboard? Handmade Charlotte shares 6 ways to make a dollhouse out of a cardboard box. [11]

Mama Papa Bubba shows you how she and her daughter made this simple but beautiful dollhouse from an inexpensive bookshelf. [12]

Learn how to turn an old dresser into a larger-than-life Barbie house.[13] Handy storage drawer in the bottom!

Upcycle the drawers from an old bedside table into this adorably charming dollhouse[14] by Semi Proper.

homemade stamps for kids

Homemade Stamps:

6 ways to make homemade stamps for toddlers[15] using common household items. – Happy Hooligans

Help your little one learn to spell his name with this simple homemade name stamp[16] by Mama Papa Bubba.

Decorate homemade cards, wrapping paper or fabric projects with this spring flower wine-cork stamp.[17]  Happy Hooligans

Kids can make imprints in play dough with these rustic tree block stamps[18] by Two-da-loo.

kids toys made from upcycled furniture

Toys from upcycled furniture:

I adore this workbench/tool station[19] that The Frugal Granny made from an old bedside table.

How about this AMAZING upcycle?  A deluxe play kitchen[20] made from an old tv/entertainment cabinet! – Giggleberry Creations

Fresh Crush transformed a night-stand into a play kitchen for about $ 30 using cast-offs and inexpensive accessories.

homemade toys to make for baby

Homemade toys for babies:

Turn your recyclables into a variety of colourful, fine-motor toys[21] for babies and young toddlers. The Imagination Tree

Crafts on Sea has a homemade tag blanket[22] that will delight babies with its crinkling sound and soft, satiny tags.

Childhood 101 shows you how to turn your family photos into a cloth baby book[23] for your little one to enjoy.

homemade toys to make with socks

Homemade Sock Toys:

Attempting Aloha transforms a sock into a glamorous hobby-horse[24] that any little rider would love.

Turn a sock into an adorable baby rattle[25] with some stuffing and a few simple stitches. – Homemade by Jill

toys to make from your recycle bin

Toys from the Recycle Bin:

An empty plastic bottle + 3 basic kitchen ingredients = a mesmerizing “ocean in a bottle”[26]. – Happy Hooligans

Kids who love to build will enjoy this homemade construction set[27] made from a few pieces of sturdy cardboard – Happy Hooligans

Teach shapes, colours, letters and numbers with this cardboard box turned drop box[28].  The kids have been using ours for years.

Outdoor toys to make for kids

Homemade Toys for Outdoors:

It would be so dreamy to spend an afternoon reading in one of these Hula Hoop Hideouts[29]. – Alanna George

Ok, I totally want to hang out on this DIY water blob[30] by Homemade Toast.  Bonus:  It’s leak-proof!

Check out how Dyan turned a few dollar-store shower curtains into this awesome toddler parachute[31]. – And Next Comes L

quiet books to make for kids

Homemade Quiet Books:

A quiet book is perfect for those times when you need to keep your kids busy… and quiet. I love this no-sew version[32] by Powerful Mothering.

This busy book by Mouse House has “pages” of colourful quiet activities to keep little hands busy and learning.

homemade activity boards to make for kids

Homemade Activity Boards:

Turn an inexpensive oil-drip pan into a gigantic magnet board[33] for the playroom or classroom. – Mama Miss

Make an outdoor easel[34] for your kids to get artsy and creative with in the backyard. – Fantastic Fun and Learning

See how Mama Papa Bubba quickly turned an inexpensive frame into a homemade felt board[35].

*Want to know an easy way to cut your own felt pieces for your felt board?  Check out this awesome felt-cutting tutorial[36] by Juggling with Kids.

homemade dolls toys to make for kids

Homemade Doll Toys:

Make a fabric doll sling[37] for your little one to carry her babies around in. – Mama Smiles

Check out this whimsical family of wooden spoon dolls[38] decorated by Jess Quinn.

Paint up a set of wooden alphabet dolls[39] for play and learning. – No Time for Flashcards

homemade play doughs to make and give

This really is the best-ever play dough[40]!  It keeps for months, so it’s perfect to make ahead and give as a gift.  – The Imagination Tree

Did you know you can make your own silly putty?[41] – Coffee Cups and Crayons shows us how.

hopscotch toys to make for kidsHomemade Indoor Hopscotch:

I had fun making this homemade cardboard hopscotch.[42]  Laying the tiles out helps the hooligans with their number recognition and ordering skills.

Make a new-sew hopscotch mat[43] that you can roll up and tuck away when not in use.  There are games on the reverse side too!  – A girl with a Glue Gun

forts to make for kids

Homemade Forts and Tents:

Set up a 5-minute teepee[44] in the backyard!  What a magical place for a little one to spend a summer afternoon. – Mama Papa Bubba

For those of you who like to sew, Cakies shows you how to make a simple A-frame tent[45] for the kids to use indoors or out.

homemade puzzles to make for kidsHomemade Puzzles for Toddlers:

Adventure in a Box shows you how to make a wooden name puzzle[46] for your child.  You’ll have this lovely keepsake for years.

Turn a set of wooden blocks and some family photos into these nifty, interchangeable people puzzles[47]. – Meaningful Mama

gross motor toys to make for kids

Homemade Toys for Gross Motor Development:

See how Hello Wonderful turned a skateboard deck into homemade balance board[48] to help develop core and large-motor strength.

Build a set of simple wood block stompers[49].  They can be used at two different heights depending on the age of your child. – I Can Teach My Child

This bucket and rope contraption[50] was free to make, and it’s provided hundreds of hours of open-ended play here in our backyard.

colour and texture blocks to make for kids

Homemade Coloured and Textured Blocks:

Fun with Kids at Home shows us how to easily add a pop of vibrant colour to a set of plain wooden blocks.[51]  So gorgeous!

Babies and toddlers will love exploring the colours and textures of these homemade sensory blocks[52]. – Fireflies and Mudpies

$ 3 bucks, a trip to the dollar-store, and some hot-glue will get you this fab set of coloured light blocks[53]. -And Next Comes L

homemade fine motor toys

Fine Motor Toys to Make for Kids:

A colourful button snake[54] is easy to make and helps little ones develop their fine motor and buttoning skills. – Happy Hooligans

Put together a sewing basket[55]  filled with lots of goodies for a preschooler to explore and practice early sewing skills with.

I just love Crayon Box Chronicles’ homemade geo board[56].  Little ones can sharpen their fine motor skills while learning about shapes and geometry with rubber bands or fabric loops.

toys to make with stones for kids

Stones for Play:

Make an adorable stone tic-tac-toe game[57] to match your child’s favourite colours, like this one from Eighteen 25.

Paint up a set of non-traditional, rock dominoes[58] for the kids to play and learn with. Unfortunately, Childcareland Blog seems to have disappeared from the internet, so you can check out these rock dominoes[59] at The House that Lars Built.

Story Stones are fun and easy to make[60], and great for narrative play, and developing story-telling skills. – Happy Hooligans

Alphabet stones[61] are perfect for a game of outdoor “hangman” or to simply teach your child their letters through open-ended play.

homemade roadway toys to make for kids

Homemade Toys for Car-Loving Kids:

Turn your old jeans into fabric roads[62]!  Easy to make, and to stash in the diaper bag when you’re going out. – Lil Mop Top

Visit Picklebums to get these free, printable roads[63].  Your kids can build a whole city!

Buggy and Buddy painted up a set of simple wooden roads and ramps[64] for her son.  Think of the hours of fun these would provide.

If you love to sew, this amazing car mat[65] would be a super project and keepsake to make for your child or grandchild. – Homemade by Jill

play kitchen toys2

Homemade Play Kitchen Toys:

And Next Comes L has some great felt food ideas[66] that you can make for your child’s play kitchen.

Turn a package of inexpensive kitchen sponges into colourful foam cakes and cookies[67] like the ones Inner Child Fun made.

LOVE this!  Turn a plastic storage container into a pretend cook-top[68].  Store the baking instruments inside! – And Next Comes L

homemade light tables to make for kids

Make an inexpensive, portable light box[69] using a kitchen storage container and an LED light.  Store the toys inside!

And Next Comes L shows you how to turn a basic pegboard into a light bright game[70] for your home or classroom.

Want a full-size light table for much less than it costs to buy one? Check out this step-by-step tutorial[71] from And Next Comes L.

homemade blocks to make for kids

More homemade blocks to make:

I love these colourful magnetic blocks[72] that You Clever Monkey made for their magnet board.

How inviting are these Waldorf-inspired nature blocks[73] that Adventure in a Box made.  What a lovely way to build and create.

And last, but not least:  take your block building into a new dimension (literally) with a set of these homemade velcro blocks[74] by Chasing Cheerios.

Want more homemade toy and game inspiration?

And there you have it!  No shortage of inspiration for your crafty-lovin’, toy-making heart!  If you are, however, looking for even MORE homemade toys and games to make, head on over to my Homemade Toys and Games Pinboard[75].  You’ll find loads of ideas there.

If you liked this post, you may also enjoy:

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20 Easy Science Experiments for Kids[80]

Get the 3-5 Playful Preschool e-Book!

25+preschool activities by 25 bloggers, 10 printables, 50 links to activities not featured in the book all for $ 8.99!

Download your copy today:[81]

3-5 Playful Preschool 3-book

Follow the Hooligans on Facebook[82], Pinterest and Twitter[83]!

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Kids’ Toys – Cars, Science, Building, Soldiers | eBay

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Rain or shine, toys transform any day from monotonous to memorable. No matter what hobbies and interests your little ones have, stocking up on a variety of kids’ toys helps beat boredom and encourages their imaginations. Sellers on eBay have a vast selection of toys to offer, from iconic action figures to remote control cars and educational science kits.

Treat your children to toys modeled after their favorite film and television characters, such as Spider-Man, Elsa, and Mickey Mouse. Choose from a selection of soft beanbag plush toys for cuddle time, or grab soldier action figures that kids can play with in a fort. Robots and space toys are the perfect pairing for youngsters with an appreciation of outer space, while educational toys like letter tiles, learning tablets, and instruments help children study and grow. For kids that love building and creating, LEGO sets, blocks, and Tinkertoy kits are great gifts all year round. Whether for a holiday, birthday, or just because, classic toys such as a Slinky, Yo-Yo, and an Etch A Sketch make wonderful toy treasures that kids can keep forever.

When warm weather arrives, water toys like Slip ‘N Slides and inflatable swimming rings make outside time even more entertaining. Choose outdoor toys like Frisbees, kites, pedal cars, ride-ons, and swing sets for nonstop fun in the sun, or select a variety of crafts and games for amusing kids indoors, such as puzzles, sticker sets, craft books, and sand art kits. Give the gift of creativity with models and kits to help kids build their own boats, planes, cars, and more. Sellers on eBay also offer a variety of dolls, trading cards, and antique toys for little ones who love adding to their collections. There are toys for babies as well, including crib toys, blocks, developmental toys, and plush baby toys perfect for naptime. When you browse the large selection of items on eBay, finding just the right kids’ toys for your youngsters is easy to do.

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AdamMale – Best Gay Sex Toys, Sex Toys For Men, Anal Sex …

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18 U.S.C Section 2257 Compliance Notice[1] – All Models are 18+.
©Copyright 2017 PHE, Inc.™ All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
Material in compliance with the record keeping requirements of 18 U.S.C. 2257 and/or 2257A
Custodian of records: C. Davis, Director PHE, Inc. 302 Meadowland Dr., Hillsborough, NC 27278


  1. ^ 18 U.S.C Section 2257 Compliance Notice (

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Shop Erotic | Discreet & Secure – Sex Toys for Woman & Men

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Sex Toys on your mind but having a hard time finding the one you want? Today is your lucky day! Shop Erotic has the largest collection of top quality pleasure devices and simple sex toys that will perfectly fit whatever kinds of naughty notions you are in the mood to fulfill right now. Slick lubricants, purring vibrators, playful novelty games, gorgeous bath time erotica and so much more are in ready for your enjoyment each time you decide to Shop Erotic online.

Many of the sexy people in our growing community have mentioned how easy it is to use our award winning interface while browsing for a personal favorite. We also have our phone number at the top of the page so you can simply call any time if you would like one of our erotic curators to help you find new items in our selection worthy of your time. We also specialize in adult gifts and always provide discreet ‘plain brown wrapper’ shipping to ensure your privacy at every step along the way. So, whether you are seeking to enhance your own time alone, with someone special or wish to give the gift of intimate joy to anyone else, Shop Erotic right now and see why so many agree that this is the place to be whenever to cums time to fulfill carnal cravings in style!

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Why Fewer Toys Will Benefit Your Kids – Becoming Minimalist

Original article

While most toy rooms are filled to the ceiling with toys, wise parents learn to limit the number of toys that kids have to play with.

The potential possibilities of any child are the most intriguing and stimulating in all creation.” —Ray L. Wilbur

Toys are not merely playthings. Toys form the building blocks for our child’s future. They teach our children about the world and about themselves. They send messages and communicate values. And thus, wise parents think about what foundation is being laid by the toys that are given to their kids.

Wise parents also think about the number of toys that children are given. While most toy rooms and bedrooms today are filled to the ceiling with toys, intentional parents learn to limit the number of toys that kids have to play with.

They understand that fewer toys will actually benefit their children in the long-term:

1. Kids learn to be more creative. Too many toys prevent kids from fully developing their gift of imagination. Two German public health workers (Strick and Schubert) conducted an experiment[1] in which they convinced a kindergarten classroom to remove all of their toys for three months. Although boredom set in during the initial stages of the experiment, the children soon began to use their basic surroundings to invent games and use imagination in their playing.

2. Kids develop longer attention spans. When too many toys are introduced into a child’s life, their attention span will begin to suffer. A child will rarely learn to fully appreciate the toy in front of them when there are countless options still remaining on the shelf behind them.

3. Kids establish better social skills. Children with fewer toys learn how to develop interpersonal relationships with other kids and adults. They learn the give and take of a good conversation. And studies have attributed childhood friendships to a greater chance of success academically and in social situations during adulthood.

4. Kids learn to take greater care of things. When kids have too many toys, they will naturally take less care of them. They will not learn to value them if there is always a replacement ready at hand. If you have a child who is constantly damaging their toys, just take a bunch away. He will quickly learn.

5. Kids develop a greater love for reading, writing, and art. Fewer toys allows your children to love books, music, coloring, and painting. And a love for art will help them better appreciate beauty, emotion, and communication in their world.

6. Kids become more resourceful. In education, students aren’t just given the answer to a problem; they are given the tools to find the answer. In entertainment and play, the same principle can be applied. Fewer toys causes children to become resourceful by solving problems with only the materials at hand. And resourcefulness is a gift with unlimited potential.

7. Kids argue with each other less. This may seem counter-intuitive. Many parents believe that more toys will result in less fighting because there are more options available. However, the opposite is true far too often. Siblings argue about toys. And every time we introduce a new toy into the relationship, we give them another reason to establish their “territory” among the others. On the other hand, siblings with fewer toys are forced to share, collaborate, and work together.

8. Kids learn perseverance. Children who have too many toys give up too quickly. If they have a toy that they can’t figure out, it will quickly be discarded for the sake of a different, easier one. Kids with fewer toys learn perseverance, patience, and determination.

9. Kids become less selfish. Kids who get everything they want believe they can have everything they want. This attitude will quickly lead to an unhealthy (and unbecoming) lifestyle.

10. Kids experience more of nature. Children who do not have a basement full of toys are more apt to play outside and develop a deep appreciation for nature. They are also more likely to be involved in physical exercise which results in healthier and happier bodies.

11. Kids learn to find satisfaction outside of the toy store. True joy and contentment will never be found in the aisles of a toy store. Kids who have been raised to think the answer to their desires can be bought with money have believed the same lie as their parents. Instead, children need encouragement to live counter-cultural lives finding joy in things that truly last.

12. Kids live in a cleaner, tidier home. If you have children, you know that toy clutter can quickly take over an entire home. Fewer toys results in a less-cluttered, cleaner, healthier home.

I’m not anti-toy. I’m just pro-child. So do your child a favor today and limit their number of toys. (Just don’t tell them you got the idea from me.)


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