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Children’s toy shop opening in July on East Passyunk Avenue – Passyunk Post (blog)

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Your children will soon be begging you to take them to this new East Passyunk Avenue[1] shop.


A toy store called Tildie’s Toy Box is expected to open in July in the former jewelry store location at 1829 E. Passyunk Ave.[2]

Local residents Michelle and Paul Gillen-Doobrajh are opening this shop, which will carry goodies for kids from infant through age 14. Products will include wooden toys from Hape and Janod, Brio trains, Crazy Aaron’s Putty, plush toys from Jellycat and Manhattan Toy Company and plenty more. You’ll be able to pick up pretty much any toys you can think of, ranging from science kits to arts and crafts. The shop aims to carry items that will spark creativity, imagination and exploration.


The logo for the shop was designed by Julia Fiorello. Photo from Tildie’s on Facebook.[3]

Tildie’s Toy Box is aiming for a mid-July opening. There will also be grand opening celebrations happening on Sunday, July 24 from 11 a.m. through 2 p.m.

The store will be open seven days a week. Hours for the shop are still being finalized. Want to know more about Tildie’s Toy Box? Visit their website and Facebook page. [4][5]


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Toys – Shop Toys for Boys & Girls | HSN

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Toys – Shop Toys for Boys & Girls | HSN

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Bing: toys shop (source)en Toys & Games

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Amazon Toys & Games: More Than Your Average Toy Store

Amazon’s Toys & Games Store features thousands of products, including dolls, action figures, games and puzzles, hobbies, models and trains, and much more. You can shop by age, favorite brands, new products, and best sellers. The Preschool Store[1] features learning and educational toys, activity toys, ride-ons, kitchens, and more for the infant or toddler in your life. The Girls’ Toy Store[2] and Boys’ Toy Store[3] showcases all the best in building toys, learning toys, sports & outdoors, games, and more. Our Games & Puzzles Store[4] showcases the latest in specialty board games, card games, and puzzles. For the hobby enthusiast[5] we carry everything needed for model building, trains, radio-control vehicles, rocketry, and more. If you’re looking for outdoor games and activities, explore our Sports & Outdoors Store[6], where you’ll find ride-ons, playtent, playsets, and more.

There are many ways to shop in Toys & Games. Our New Releases[7] section features the latest products added to our selection, while our Best Sellers[8] showcase toys and games that are most popular with our customers. Looking for toys and games from your favorite brands in one location? Our featured-brands section showcases entire product selections from top brands, including LEGO[9], Mattel[10], Hasbro[11], Fisher-Price[12], LeapFrog[13], and Melissa & Doug[14], as well as a huge selection of specialty toy brands such as Bruder[15], Sprig[16], Hape[17], and much more. The STEM Store[18] features top rated learning and educational toys for all ages. If you looking for the perfect gift, our Kids’ Birthdays[19] store will provide you with gift ideas, as well as games and party supplies for kids. For everyday savings, deals, and promotions on a wide selection of toys, games, and hobby items, visit our Deals Store[20].


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Toys & Hobbies –

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Buying Guides About Sports & Toys

Best Toys for Kids Ages 10-12[1]

The list of hot toys for tweens is different every year because kids ages 10 to 12 are quick to embrace new fads and the latest trends. Regardless of the year, however, the basic criteria will never change. Toys and hobbies for this age group must always be creative, cutting-edge, and fun. Toys that let pre-teens express themselves and show their interests are sure to be a hit. Top Toys for Tweens: Toys and books based on movies or television: Popular kids’ television shows and movies always spawn a whole host of toys and books related to their plot and characters. Read More[2]


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Toys, Video Games And Cartoons Are The Trinity Of Kids’ Entertainment, But Which Comes First? – Forbes

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Toys, Video Games And Cartoons Are The Trinity Of Kids‘ Entertainment, But Which Comes First?
What comes first for a modern franchise, cartoon, toys or video games? The popular brands in my family seem to come at us from different directions. Skylanders has gone from strength to strength without a big film franchise to kick it off. Now it’s

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This DIY Wearable Lets Kids Make and Program Their Own Toys –

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Technology Will Save Us[1], the London-based tech-for-kids company, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new wearable device (a slight departure from the DIY kits they are known for). Inspired by the potentials of learning by doing (and playing!) the Mover Kit[2] offers an intuitive way for kids to learn the fundamental principles of programming, electronics and computational thinking. “While kids are avid consumers of technology, they can find creating and making with it complex and scary. Kids who might want to get involved in making with digital technologies are getting left behind,” says TWSU co-founder and CEO, Bethany Koby. “Mover Kit is about educating kids through play and also addressing the ever-present problem of our gender gap.” 

imageEnter a caption (optional)
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Straight out of the box, the kit contains a core unit (which looks a bit like a bicycle bell), a circuit board, an accelerometer, a magnetometer and eight RGB LED lights. Once the kit is put together (the team estimates only a 15-minute assembly time), the toy is basically a blank slate for kids’ imagination’s to run wild. 

imageEnter a caption (optional)

The Mover can be programmed to animate an endless list of games and activities. “We designed Mover Kit alongside children and tested prototypes with over 300 kids,” says Koby. “They showed us that they were most excited about technology that they could wear and that responded to activities.” One child built a robot costume and programmed his Mover to light a string of LED lights when he walks. Another turned his gadget into a compass, programming it to light up only when he is moving North. Others use them as bike lights. The Mover gives kids the opportunity to flex their creative muscles without constraint—first imagining the use, then creating the object and rules to make it happen.  

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imageSome kids use the Mover to activate their fantasies—like this pretty awesome lightsaber—while others use their Movers to keep tabs on their daily routines, like the kid who programmed his Mover to light up after two minutes of tooth brushing. 

Once the kit is built, it can be easily reprogrammed through an accompanying online platform called Make. Featuring a simple, block-based interface, kids learn the basics of coding through a basic “if this, then that” logic. There’s also an open-source platform where kids can browse and download preprogrammed modes designed by other children. That’s the only time kids interact with a screen during the process—once their Mover is programmed it becomes a part of their daily lives. “We don’t want this to be something that needs a screen, it’s something you do in the world,” explains Koby. 

[embedded content]Enter a caption (optional)

The Mover Kit is currently in it’s last week for funding on Kickstarter and is set to release later this year—support the project here[3].


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