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Kids’ entertainers not amused by Toys R Us unpaid work offer – The Stage

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Global children’s store Toys R Us has come under fire for calling on entertainers to work for free at a forthcoming event.

In a letter sent to entertainers, Toys R Us in Exeter said it was marking international children’s day on May 30 with a party, and that this would “be a great base in which to promote local children’s party businesses such as yourself”.

“We feel that if you are able to contribute to our party and/or give a couple hours of your time, it will not only benefit our party but will also serve as an advertisement for your business as our customers are sure to enjoy your party services and tell others about it, benefiting your business in the long run,” the letter states.

However, children’s entertainer Ozzy D challenged the store over its appeal for performers to work unpaid.

“I rang up and said, ’Is the store open?’ and they said, ‘Yes’. I said, ‘Will the staff be paid?’ and they said ‘Yes’. So I said, ‘Are all the toys free then?’,” he said, adding: “So the store is open and they want us to come along for free to promote their stuff but they don’t want to pay us. Why ask us to do it for free when you are a multi-million pound company?”

The entertainer said it was similar to Sainsbury’s recently asking artists to paint one of its canteens for free.

Equity has taken issue with Toys R Us’ letter, which it is believed may have been sent out to entertainers in other areas where there are stores.

Emmanuel de Lange, low pay no pay officer, said: “Our members face enough problems with low and no pay without large corporations trying to get them to work for free. Toys R Us wouldn’t dream of asking their staff or contractors to work for nothing, so this regrettable incident shows just how deeply rooted the lack of respect for artists’ and entertainers’ work has become.”

Toys R Us had not responded to a request for a comment as The Stage went to press.

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Heroin addict steals toys from hospital gift shop, cops say –

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A self-professed heroin addict stole stuffed animals and other items from a Lehigh Valley hospital gift shop early Sunday morning while visiting his girlfriend, Bethlehem police said.

A Bethlehem man is accused of stealing from the gift shop at Lehigh Valley Hospital – Muhlenberg while he was visiting his girlfriend. ( file photo) 

Michael Shepherd’s burglary at Lehigh Valley Hospital-Muhlenberg was caught on surveillance video, but the 33-year-old was only arrested later Sunday after Allentown[1] police say he crashed while driving high in the city.

Shepherd, of the 600 block of Wyandotte Street in Bethlehem, is charged with burglary, attempted burglary, criminal trespass, theft and receiving stolen property in the hospital case.

He is also charged with driving under the influence of heroin, possession of heroin, possession of drug paraphernalia and following too closely in the Allentown case.

Shepherd is being held on $ 35,000 bail for the burglary. He received $ 10,000 unsecured bail in the DUI case.

Bethlehem police said between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. Sunday, a bearded man later identified as Shepherd forced his way into the gift shop at the hospital off Schoenersville Road.

Shepherd unsuccessfully tried to open the shop’s cash register, and then stole various items, including stuffed animals, worth about $ 30, police said. Surveillance cameras caught Shepherd unsuccessfully trying to break into the hospital’s pharmacy as well, police said.

An employee saw a bearded man around that time take an elevator to the hospital’s sixth floor, police said, and a man matching the description of the burglar signed in as “Matthew Shepherd” to visit a patient. That patient was identified as Shepherd’s girlfriend, police said.

Sunday night, at 8:14 p.m., Allentown police responded to a crash at Union Boulevard and Kiowa Street.

Shepherd was involved in the crash, and appeared to be under the influence of drugs, city police said.

Shepherd told officers he had taken prescribed oxycodone; police said officers found three packets of heroin in Shepherd’s cigarette pack, as well as syringes and bottle caps with heroin residue in them in the vehicle.

While having his blood taken for testing, Shepherd reportedly admitted to be addicted to heroin and that he needed help.

Police used Shepherd’s Allentown booking photo to identify him in the surveillance camera footage of the burglary, prosecutors said.

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Man helping wife shop online for sex toys ‘kidding himself’ – NewsBiscuit (satire)

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A man who helped his wife peruse selections of sex toys available on the web today finally realised that the whole experience was really nothing to do with him.

Steve Hughes, a decorator from Hove, was keen to assist her in her choices after seeing a TV commercial in which a couple did the same, though only realised later that the merchandise was essentially a larger sized and better performing substitute for his own member, and moreover, that no second person was required in its operation.

‘I guess it was the little things which gave it away’, Steve told us. ‘Once my credit card details had been submitted, by contributions seemed to be quickly overridden by Karen’s own weight and girth-based points system. She also insisted on picking names for the purchases herself using variations on ‘Keith’ – also the name of her fitness instructor. However, she did at least generously grant me free use of the Nectar Points acquired, and those points really do add up.’

He added: ‘The couple in the advert seemed so keen to express to the world how shopping on the site brought them closer together, when actually, it’s a bit weird.’

Steve has as yet failed to convince wife Karen to assist him in selecting pornographic DVDs for home use, partly on account of her having her own collection downloaded and kept in a folder labelled ‘Work’.

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Sex Shop Canada | Sex Toys, Adult Toys, Vibrators

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Man accused of stealing toys from sick kids wants record-clearing program –

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A former Lehigh Valley Hospital employee accused of stealing toys intended for sick kids[1] wants to enter a first-time offender program, according to his defense attorney.

Lehigh Valley Hospital’s Cedar Crest campus in Salisbury Township. ( file photo)

Brian Stano, 45, of Lehighton, Pa., was in district court Thursday morning for his preliminary hearing on charges of theft and receiving stolen property.

Stano waived his hearing, sending the charges to Lehigh County Court. Stano is free on $ 1,000 bail.

Attorney David Ritter said Stano is eligible for a first-time offenders program called accelerated rehabilitative disposition, or ARD, and will apply for it in the case.

Stano, who worked for Lehigh Valley Health Network the past 12 years, most recently in the engineering department, is accused of stealing about $ 800 worth of toys.

Salisbury Township[2] police said a health network security employee was investigating the theft of “numerous” toys from the hospital and believed Stano was behind the crimes.

The Salisbury Township location houses the health network’s children’s hospital, including the pediatric intensive care unit.

In an interview with police, Stano said on two occasions — once in December and again Jan. 1 — he stole Xbox gaming systems and other toys from a storage area in the hospital, police said. The toys were in a fenced-in secured area, but it was open when Stano took the items, police said.

“He told me that money was tight and that he gave the Xbox and some Lego sets to his children for Christmas,” an investigator wrote in an affidavit of probable cause.

Stano told officers he took a refrigerator to the cage, put the toys inside the fridge, then taped the doors shut and took the toys home, police said.

At the time of Stano’s arrest last month, the health network confirmed he no longer worked for them.

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